NCM Spring17

Biggest NCM in history!

It’s a pleasure to welcome the JA Alumni family to the fall National Coordinators Meeting (NCM) 2016 in Vienna.
The NCM is a great opportunity to develop the network, share knowledge and push it to the next level.  This time we will focus also on the “Changing Lives 2.0” campaign and anniversary of JA in 2019.
JA Alumni Europe is only as strong as every single country and since they are growing very fast, also the responsibilities and expectations of every single leader increase. For us it is very important to bring this European leading power together. We’re more than happy to provide the leaders a perfect venue and conditions here in Vienna. Furthermore, this NCM will be the biggest in history: 43 people from 16 countries!
A huge thanks goes to JA Alumni Austria for hosting us the second time.

Sarah Rapp
President JA Alumni Europe